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Information sent to HMRC when submitting a Making Tax Digital VAT Return

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An overview of the information sent to HM Revenue & Customs when you submit your VAT Return under Making Tax Digital.


When submitting your VAT Return under Making Tax Digital (MTD) your Sage software sends the following VAT Return data to HMRC:

VAT Return data
Value Description
Company name Company name
VAT registration number VAT registration number
VAT Return values VAT Return box 1 to 9 values


Under MTD for VAT regulations, HMRC also require certain additional information which they store and use for data protection and fraud prevention purposes. To comply with these regulations, when submitting your MTD VAT Return your Sage software also makes the following information available to HMRC:

Header data
Value Description
Signatory The Sage software ID, for example, sage-50-uk or sage-200-uk
ApiUserId* An ID for the user submitting, for example, Windows user name
BusinessId* An ID for the business, for example serial number or account number
CompanyId* A unique company ID from your Sage data
Application Name of the application
ApplicationVersion Application version number
UserIP IP address of the computer
ClientDeviceId MAC address of the computer
ClientTimezone Time zone name, GMT Standard Time
ClientLocalIPs IP address of the computer
ClientLocalIPsTimestamp Timestamp to show when ClientLocalIPs is collected
ClientPublicIPTimestamp Timestamp to show when ClientPublicIPs is collected
ClientScalingFactor The scaling factor of the computer monitor. 
ClientScreenResolution Computer screen resolution
ClientWindowSize Size of the MTD wizard form
ClientColourDepth Colour depth of the computer monitor
ClientUserAgent Computer operating system
ClientPublicPort Port used to connect to the service, 443
X-Client-MAC-Addresses MAC addresses of the computer
X-Vendor-License-IDs Licence information for the software initiating the API request
VendorProductName Name of the software product.


* The exact information sent for these headers depends on which Sage software you use.


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