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Microsoft Flow and Sage 200

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Microsoft Power Automate


When using Sage 200 Professional 2018 Winter Enhancements and above, Sage 200 Standard or Sage for Education you have the ability to integrate with Microsoft Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate integration is currently available for Sage 200 Professional Winter 2018 Enhancements and above, Sage 200 Standard or Sage for Education.


What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Every organisation faces constant pressure to do more with less.

Across the board, departments from sales to marketing, operations to finance are looking to increase their bandwidth to enable them to focus on their key business challenges.

One way to provide more time is to automate those manual business processes that eat into your day. With the launch of the Sage 200 Winter 2018 Enhancements release we offer a powerful partner tool that does just that. Sage 200 can now be integrated with Microsoft Power Automate to provide sophisticated levels of business process automation.

Find out how to install and use Microsoft Power Automate.


Getting started

Out of the box we’ve created example flows to show you the power and flexibility of the solution.

If you're using Sage 200 Professional, please contact your Business Partner to find out more.

If you're using Sage 200 Standard/Sage for Education more information can be found within the in product helpfiles around Microsoft Power Automate.

Need Some Ideas?
  • Automatically notify an approver for purchase requisitions and have their approval update Sage 200.
  • Let Sage 200 automatically inform your customers that their orders have been dispatched.
  • Automate the approval process for new suppliers.

If you would like to raise your own idea's, please add it to our Ideas Hub.


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