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No preview appears when running reports in the program

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When running any report in the Sage 200 Standard Online program you may find that no report or layout is shown on the screen, the progress bar will go through but once finished there will be nothing more displayed.

This can been seen to happen due to a couple of reasons. 


First thing to check would be the output mode that the program is set to, if it is set to Spooler rather than Preview this would be expected behaviour and you can view the report in the Spooler dialog box, to check this:

  1. Click the Tools button at the top right of the program (cog wheel icon).
  2. select Choose Output Mode.
  3. Change this to Preview if you wish to see the report on the screen when producing.

If this isn't the issue it has been reported by users with high resolution monitors of 1440p or above.

The recommended resolution for the program is 1920x1080 with a DPI setting of 100%. We would suggest adjusting to these settings and trying again. Further info on the system requirements can be found here.