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Graphical Planner - End of Support Policy

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What is Graphical Planner?

Sage Manufacturing does not offer any constraint over the ability to perform operational tasks, it allows for infinite capacity. Graphical Planner is single constraint, finite capacity scheduling tool which integrates with Sage 50 & 200 Manufacturing enabling you to set realistic start and end times for you operations based upon either your machine or labour resources.

It's a free of charge, option module available to users of;

  • Sage 50 Manufacturing Controller
  • Sage 200 Professional, with a manufacturing module

The software lifecycle policy

We adopt a policy to formalise our procedure of withdrawing support for software versions that use technology that is no longer supported by the provider. An example of this is Microsoft Windows XP.

What does this mean?

This doesn't mean the software will stop working straight away. The software can still be used, but we will withdraw support, updates and upgrades in a phased approach. When we announce the withdrawal of support, if the version of the software is affected we will contact you to advise you of the date on which support will cease, along with details of upgrade offers available to you.

Why do we do this?

It is standard industry practice for technology companies to withdraw support for older versions of software. Every year we invest in research and development to improve our software and services. We do this in line with regular customer feedback and to take into account new technology and changes in legislation. We believe that using the latest software is the best way for us to help you run your business effectively and by concentrating our resources on looking forward, we can help your business move forward too. We also want to ensure that we continue to offer the best level of support for our software that we can. We want you to be able to reach technical experts with the right level of knowledge to answer your questions quickly.

For more information about this software lifecycle policy and to discuss what options are available to help you upgrade your software to a supported version, please contact your support provider.

What’s the difference between 'Mainstream Support’, ‘Extended Support’ and ‘End of Support’?

Mainstream SupportExtended Support

End of Sage Support

End of Maintenance3
Product available for sale New licence sales are withdrawn from sale once the product enters extended support & beyond.YNNN
Software & helpfiles Included with software downloads & links within productYN1N1N/A
Lost licences / server moveYYY3N
PC movesYYY3N
Additional Users and Companies Licence sales of additional users & companies are still available during extended support and end of support.YNNN
Enable strings Graphical planner requires an annual enable string to function, which we provide subject to the Sage 200 Services Annual Plan or Sage 50 Manufacturing SageCover being in place and paid for.YY2NN
Technical Support For customers with a valid support contract, we provide their Business Partner with access to technical support. In some instances this may be Sage.YYNN
Hot fixes / Bug fixes / Patches / Service packs Are provided for recognised defects in line with the defect resolution process.YNNN
Defect log Is open.YNNN
Ideas hub Is openYNNN


Note: This is the end of support, not life. The software will still work.

1 The next release, following the announcement of extended support.

2 Customers who have not used Graphical Planner in the 12 months leading up to 1st Feb 2019 will not be able to active the module. Customers have until 12th April to request a key by their support provider, after this date no further keys will be provided.

3 Maintenance is support Siemens will provide for Graphical Planner licence issues. After this date no assistance will be given for licence issues including or .

Product & Version

Extended Support Date

End of Support Date

End of Maintenance Date3

Graphical Planner for Sage 200 (All versions)

1st Feb 2019

30th Sep 2019

31st Oct 2020

Graphical Planner for Sage 50 Manufacturing (All versions)

1st Feb 2019

30th Sep 2019

31st Oct 2020

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