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Important Support announcement for all your Sage 200 colleagues - Communication

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This communication was issued 5th December 2018

Sage 200 Support Methodology and Troubleshooting


We're delighted to announce the availability of a new training course, written specifically for partners who support customers using our Sage 200 range. The course is built from our knowledge of supporting Sage 200, written for partners based on information provided by our technical support team.

'The Introduction to Sage 200 Troubleshooting’ course will be available on Sage University from 3rd January 2019 for £299+VAT, pre-book before 31st December 2018 for an early bird discount price of just £249+VAT. The course is designed for existing support staff but is also a great introduction to Sage’s support methodology for new starters within your organisation.

To coincide with the availability of this course, we will be enforcing our support boundaries.

The Sage 200 Support team provide second line support to our partners, where necessary, assisting them with their customer queries and issues. It is the responsibility of the partner to ensure that they provide first line support prior to contacting Sage.

Our position on what we expect from our partners has not changed, but our stance on enforcing our boundaries will.

From the 2nd January 2019, if you contact support without being fully prepared, have not used self-service or taken significant steps to establish root cause, we will be unable to continue with the support call and a housekeeping comment will be recorded against the incident.

We use housekeeping comments to monitor waste calls, from Quarter 2 FY19 we are placing a target on the percentage of waste calls generated, this target will be gradually reduced moving forward.

Performance will be measured against the targets set, as a business if you fail to meet these targets you will be given 90 days’ notice to align to the target. Failure to do so may result in support sanctions or enforced training or accreditation.

More information on waste calls and housekeeping comments can be founde here.

Digital material is available to assist with your support incidents – further details about this and our suggested approach can be found here.

We have updated our Business Partner Handbook to reflect these changes.

Please ensure that this communication is distributed to all your technical support staff and all your colleagues who interact with Sage 200.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact
[email protected].

Kind regards

Sage Support