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Sage 200 Support Methodology

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How should I approach a Sage 200 technical support case?


Establish the facts, a customer may believe the software is not working properly but it may simply be a matter that it is not working as they would like or not configured correctly for them. 

Find out what they are doing, why they are doing it; gain an understanding of the process they are using and what the desired end results are.


Use your own resources, such as the help files and demo data to establish what the expected behaviour is. 

If the software is working correctly then consider if there are any alternative settings or processing routes; if not guide the customer to the Ideas Hub to log a request to change the functionality.  

If the software isn’t working correctly then further investigation will be required.


Gather information, such as versions, full error messages, replication steps and Business Impact.


The Business Partner Checklist

The Business Partner Checklist is a one-page guide to approaching a support ticket and meeting our expectations. The checklist provides:

  • Links to all our self-service offering.
  • Link to troubleshooting aids (via the Root Cause Analysis section).
  • Quick reference to the information you will be required to provide (in order to be considered as prepared for the call).
  • The correct method to use when contacting Sage.


 Further information can be found in the Business Partner Handbook