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Defect Resolution Process

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This communication was sent on 09/11/2018


Sage operates under a Quality Management System, which makes every effort to supply defect-free software. Sometimes the software does not function as designed, which affects the operation of the product. To this end, we document and provide access to our list of defects online.

Our aim to address such defects in a timely manner, based on the impact the defect has on you or your customer's business. We understand that defects impact on business differently which is why each case is assessed individually.

Note: It is our policy that we only maintain the current build of the software.

Every release of Sage 200 includes an element of defect fixing, using the current prioritised defect list.

When prioritising this we take a number of factors into consideration:

  • Severity
  • Customers impact
  • Risk
  • Technical complexity
  • Compliance
  • Legislation
  • If an escalation exists
  • And many more

To ensure that we focus our effort on the right defects, we're introducing a Dormant Defect Process which is effective immediately. Where a defect hasn't had any customer activity within 18 months, it will be moved to a dormant state. This approach allows us to consider that the way in which users interact with the software can transform over time, based on business changes and other enhancements within the software.

This doesn't mean that the defect won't be resolved, it allows us to streamline our defect list and focus on those causing customers the most pain.

The usual defect reporting and escalation process, as outlined in the Business Partner handbook, still apply, and our Technical Support teams will review a dormant issue in conjunction with our Product team, should a new customer be impacted by it.

We will change the status of the issues involved to dormant on the known issue database so they'll be available to search. As we're not resolving the issue we won't be contacting you on an individual basis. We'll be updating our Business Partner handbook to reflect these changes.

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