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Making Tax Digital - Sage 200 MTD module FAQs

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Sage 200 - Frequently asked questions around the MTD Module.


How will the module handle resubmission's?

Any submission that has failed can be resubmitted. The submission status comes from Sage 200 itself. If this status is not submitted, then it will be available for resubmission.

Will the local submission files be encrypted?

Files are saved when the submission wizard is exited. They are not encrypted, but they are digitally signed so that they can't be tampered with. If a file is changed, the user will not be able to view that previous submission. The filename is used for the Historical Submissions function – if that is changed, the application will accept it (as long as it’s in the correct format). Otherwise an error would be thrown.

If someone buys the MTD addon for Sage 200 2011 and then upgrades to the latest version before the subscription for MTD addon expires can they continue to still use it with the new version?

Yes. If they have bought the version for 2015, they can use 2015 and onwards. If they bought the 2011 version, they can use from 2011 onwards, so they would not need to change their MTD licence.

Is Sage 200 Extra Online compliant with MTD?

The MTD Module is now compatible with Sage 200 Extra Online. A communication around its release was sent on 5th February 2019, a copy can be found .

Which VAT Rate do I use for EC transactions?

We would recommend you look at Ask Sage article .

We are grouped for VAT purposes however all of my companies are not in Sage, how will Sage handle this?

You would have to do this manually, at present. We are investigating an Excel add-on to support this.

If I am a charity and I don't have to submit a VAT return, do I have to purchase the MTD module?

If you do not have to submit a VAT return then we would not expect you to purchase the module, we would recommend they speak to their Account Manager for further information.

Do you have a list of what the type of VAT can be processed in the module?

We have produced a quick view of what is included within Sage 200 and the MTD module. For details of this click .

Where are the local submission files stored?

The Submissions are stored in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Sage\SageMTDBridge\Submissions folder The Submissions XML files are created when the MTD Wizard is closed. They are in XML format and they hold a digital signature. You can view them in Notepad where it gives you the dates, times and the values of each of the 9 boxes of your VAT Return. These files will be produced whether successful or not and each submission XML file has a date and time signature. Do not delete/rename the Submissions folder as this contains all previous VAT returns submissions to HMRC.