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Are any businesses exempt from Making Tax Digital?

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Some businesses are exempt from the Making Tax Digital rules if they meet certain criteria set out by HM Revenue & Customs.


Your business will not have to follow the Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules where HMRC is satisfied that you meet one of the following criteria detailed in the HMRC VAT Notice 700/22: Making Tax Digital for VAT:

  • Your business is run entirely by practising members of a religious society whose beliefs are incompatible with the requirements of the regulations (for example, those religious beliefs prevent them from using computers).
  • It is not reasonably practicable for you to use digital tools to keep your business records or submit your returns, for reasons of age, disability, remoteness of location or for any other reason.
  • You're subject to an insolvency procedure.

HMRC will decide if you meet exemption criteria, so to avoid potential penalties check with them directly and don't just assume you meet the criteria.

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