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How to schedule a backup of your Cloud CRM Database and Document Library

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How to schedule a backup of your Cloud CRM Database and Document Library


Internal only: *** This product is End of Life and no longer supported ***

If you request a database backup, you will receive a .bak file that must be restored into Microsoft SQL. If you require assistance restoring and accessing this database refer to your IT or Business Partner.

Please find below steps to schedule and download a copy of your Sage Cloud CRM database and document library.


  1. Log into Sage CRM as a Site Administrator.
  2. Click the User Icon and select Administration.


    Select Data Management and then Database Download.
  3. Enter a Date and Time for the backup to be scheduled and select which backup you want; CRM database or Document Library.

    Tip: To allow enough time for the backup to initiate, set the scheduled time at least half an hour in the future, however, as a best practice we would advise scheduling the backup out of office hours.

    Note: To backup both, schedule a backup for one, this will refresh the screen and allow you to schedule a backup for the other.

  4. Once the backup has been taken you will receive an email with a link and encrypted password to download the requested backup. This will be sent to the user you used to schedule the backup and will remain active for 48 hours before the database backup(s) are deleted.
  5. The backup(s) will be delivered in a password protected compressed format and must be "unzipped" using an appropriate file compression software (such as 7zip or WinZip).

If you are unable to log in as a Site Administrator and require the backup(s) prior to this being resolved, please contact technical support.