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Information needed by Sage Support when troubleshooting Sage Bank Feeds issues

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If you experience problems setting up or processing Sage Bank Feeds and you are unable to find a resolution in the Knowledge base or the Known Issues Database Online then the following information will be needed by Sage Support.


  1. The full version number of Sage 200 including whether a remastered version has been installed for versions prior to 2020 R1 (this article gives more information on this).
  2. The bank account details, including - bank name,  sort code, account number, and account name.
  3. The email address used when setting up (or attempting to set up) the Bank Feeds connection.
  4. A copy of the Sage 200 Secured Services log (after Debug level logging switched on through Sage System Administration - this article gives more information on this).
  5. The tblBankCloudConfiguration.BankCloudOrganisationID from the Sage 200 Configuration database.
  6. The CBCloudBankAccount.BankCloudBankAccountID from the Company database for the affected Cashbook account.