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Sage 200 - GoCardless Preview functionality and Full functionality

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Features available in the preview version of GoCardless for the Sage 200 software.


CAUTION: You must apply this hotfix if you are integrating Sage 200 with GoCardless. Please contact your Sage 200 Support provider. Without the hotfix applied, integration between Sage 200 and GoCardless is not supported. 
GoCardless Preview

Automate invoice payment collection with Direct Debit using the GoCardless Preview features in Sage 200 Summer 2018 Enhancements release.

The GoCardless preview enables you to improve your cash flow and reduce admin. Allow your customers to quickly set up Direct Debit and automate payment collection for any invoice.

The full release, with additional functionality including the Invoice Payments Portal, is included in Sage 200 Winter 2018 Enhancements. This was released in February 2019.


How the preview works

The preview will enable you to:

  • Get paid on time, every time with automatic payment collection for any Sage 200 invoice, whether fixed or variable amounts.
  • Reduce admin with automatic reconciliation of payments, including transaction fees.
  • Provide customers with a simple, hassle-free way to sign up for Direct Debit.
  • Set up mandates from the invoices you send from Sage 200 and manage your mandates via the GoCardless Dashboard.
Should I use the GoCardless preview?

The GoCardless preview will enable your customers to set up a Direct Debit mandate from a Pay Now button on the invoice. Once this mandate is set up, all future invoices raised for this customer will be automatically collected on the invoice due date. Payments received will be automatically reconciled. You can choose which customers to invite to use Direct Debit.

We expect the preview to work best for professional services businesses with clients who are:

  • Happy to pay in the same way each time.
  • Where the invoices rarely need to be cancelled. For example accountants, media agencies or law firms. We would not recommend this for one-off or transactional payments, or for companies who regularly need to cancel/change invoice amounts after the point of invoice creation. For example, retail, hospitality, or e-commerce businesses.
Who should use the full release in the Winter 2018 Enhancements release and above instead?
  • If you are already a GoCardless customer, we recommend using the Winter 2018 Enhancements release where you can import and manage all of your existing mandates to Sage 200.
  • If you need to invite customers to use Direct Debit via email or a hyperlink. Your customers can sign up to pay you by Direct Debit only via a Pay Now button on the invoices you send. If you are looking to send mandate invitations separately, for example by including a link in emails or contracts, we would recommend using the later releases.
What's in the full release?
  • Fully manage mandates within the Sage 200 Invoice Payments Portal, with no need to log into the GoCardless dashboard.
  • Invite customer(s) to set up a mandate via a URL or via email.
  • Import existing mandates and match to Sage customer records.
  • Cancel a payment from within Sage 200.