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Add an apprentice

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This guide covers how to add an apprentice in Instant Payroll.


When an apprentice joins your company, you need to set up a new employee record. The details of the new employee are then included on the full payment submission (FPS).


Before you enter employee details

Before you enter your employee details, you need to have a copy of their P45. If they don't have a P45, you need to ask them to complete a starter checklist. If you've staged for automatic enrolment and are using the Pensions Module, you must leave the pension scheme details blank when you set up the new employee's record, they are automatically enrolled if they meet the criteria.

Set up an apprentice

  1. On the toolbar, click Employee.
  2. Click Add a new starter and enter the employee's details.
  3. Enter the employee's NI number and category.
    • If you don't know the employee's NI number, leave the box blank and a temporary NI number is automatically entered for you, based on their date of birth and gender.
  4. If you know it, enter the employee's passport number.
  5. In the Employee has form section, select the relevant form.
  6. Enter the details from the form given to you by the employee.
  7. From the Starter Declaration list, click the relevant statement.
  8. Select the Apprentice check box.
  9. Click Save details and add starter.
  10. Click Close Message, then click Close Message.
  11. Click Close Add a New Starter screen.

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