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Add email settings to a document

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This guide explains how to add email settings to your documents in Sage 50cloud Payroll and Sage 50cloud Accounts.


  1. Select the document you want to amend, then click Edit.
  2. Click Report, then click Email Settings.
  3. Enter your preferred email settings:
    Email message should contain
    • Select the highest numbered group to send each document to the relevant recipient.
    • Select Entire Report to send all of your selected documents to all email addresses. For example all invoices you select will be sent to all of the selected customers email addresses.
      TIP: Select the highest numbered group offered to send individual emails.

    Enter email addresses for people you want to send the report to and click Add.

    Enter an email address, then click Add. The report will always send this document to that email address.

    Expressions that define the people you want to send the report to.

    To use a data field, click Add, then enter the data field name you require. For example SALES_LEDGER.E_MAIL.

    You can repeat the above for the CC and BCC sections.

    Subject Enter a subject for your email or add an expression. Read more >
    How should the report be sent?
    • To send the report as a plain text email with no formatting, select Send the report as plain text.
    • To send the report as an email attachment, select Send the report as an attachment, with the following message body, then enter any text you want to show in the body of the email.
    • If required, to change the attachment file type, use the Attachment Format drop-down and configure the Filename.
    Sending options
    • To send the email as soon as you click email, select Send emails immediately.
    • To save the email to your email Inbox or Drafts folder so you can check it before sending, select Save emails to mailbox. This option is recommended if you're setting up email for the first time or for sensitive information.
  4. Click OK then click Report then click Report Properties.
  5. Enter a new name and description for the document then click OK.
  6. Click File then click Save As.
  7. Enter a new file name for your document, then click Save.
  8. Click File, then click Exit.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can also add an Outlook signature to your emailed layouts.

Within Sage you can attach extra documents to your outgoing emails to provide extra information to your customers or suppliers, for example adding a PDF of your terms and conditions. Find out more >

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