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Sage 200 Extra Online - Mandatory Upgrade - Reminder

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This communication was sent on 23rd May 2018. Reminder: Information for Customers with Sage 200 Extra Online 2016 SP2 or earlier


Dear Business Partner,

We have recently contacted you about the need for you to upgrade some of your older Sage 200 Extra Online sites. Along with other providers such as Microsoft and Google, we are retiring our support for the TLS 1.0 protocol. TLS 1.0 is responsible for ensuring secure communication between the Sage 200 client and services within Sage 200 Extra Online.

This version of the protocol has been superseded by TLS 1.1 offering a greater level of security. TLS 1.1 will only be available with Sage 200 Extra Online Service Pack 3, we therefore require all customers on prior versions to upgrade to this version.

These upgrades must be scheduled and completed by Friday 29th June 2018 or the affected sites will be upgraded by Sage. From this date, the only supported version of Sage 200 Extra Online will be Sage 200 Extra Online Service Pack 3 (v12.00.0004).

In order to minimise any inconvenience to your customer we'd ask that you deal with this as a priority. If you are unsure as to which sites need upgrading, or you need help, then please get in touch with our support teams, contact us on 0191 479 5955 raise a case on Incident Manager. 

Any upgrades undertaken by Sage will take place between 30th June and 1st July 2018. Please be aware that no considerations will be made in regards to bespoke alterations to the software.

Any sites where the upgrade has been undertaken by Sage, will incur a one off upgrade cost. Prices are based on the database(s) stored within the customer site and will be as follows;

        Small                               Medium                             Large
         <5gb                    Between 5.01 and 10gb               >10gb
£250 / €285 +vat               £500 / €570 +vat            £750 / €855 +vat