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Essential Hotfix Release Sage 200

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Sage 200 Cloud Hotfix


This communication was sent on 18 May 2018


We've identified an area of the Sage 200 product line that required a fix to take place. This may impact customers who undertake manual adjustments to the VAT return and submit directly to the HMRC gateway via the Sage 200 product.

We have produced and actioned fixes for all variants of the Sage 200 product capable of submitting directly to the HMRC gateway.

If you have customers who may make adjustments and do direct submissions, these fixes should be applied. 

Sage 200 Professional
  • Winter 2017 Enhancements - click here for the fix.
  • Spring 2018 Enhancements - click here for the fix.

Please note there is no fix for Sage 200 Summer 2017 release and you will have to update to Winter 2017 or Spring 2018 and then apply the hotfix. Or you can upgrade to Sage 200 2018 Summer release which already includes the fix.

Sage 200 Extra Online

As we are currently undergoing a mandatory upgrade plan to Sage 200 2016 SP3, a fix will be available for this build only. We are therefore re-issuing service pack 3 to include these fixes.

If you have already applied 2016 SP3 to your customer sites, our team will update the sites to the new SP3 build tonight during our maintenance window.

For customers who are yet to move to 2016 SP3, the build will be updated to include these fixes and will be applied when you upgrade the customer. The deadline to complete this upgrade is 29 June 2018.

Sage 200 Standard Online

A fix will be deployed automatically to all sites during the maintenance window tonight, the changes will take effect automatically when the customer next opens the application.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards



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