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HMRC submission error 3312: Accounting standards applied (bus:AccountingStandardsApplied)

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After submitting your accounts to HMRC you have received an error message that states:

Error Response
Error: 1
RaisedBy: ChRIS
Number: 3312
Type: business
Text: Accounting standards applied (bus:AccountingStandardsApplied) is missing.
Location: Accounts

This error is normally caused by not being on the most up to date master format. 

The latest FRS Master for v18.1 is 18.10 - 08 Feb 2017 UK-FRSLTD


To resolve this, you'll need to update your client to the latest master format

Once you have updated to the latest master, you'll need to recreate your IXBRL accounts and then re-tag your computation in Sage Corporation Tax before submitting to HMRC