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Support Team Update - Support Calls

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This communication was sent on 27th October 2017.


Telephone Options

In July we sent out a communication to advise that our telephone options were changing, with the number of options reducing to streamline the service.

Selecting the correct menu option will ensure that you are quickly and efficiently routed to a technician trained in the product you need assistance with.

Unfortunately incorrect menu options are being selected, leading to an increase in call transfers and longer waiting time.

Please can we ask that you brief all staff that have a need to contact our support desk.


We offer call back, however due to the nature of the roles of both Sage 200 support and business partner support there will be times we can’t connect.

We’ve recently introduced the concept of requeuing callbacks where our Business Partners are busy, due to taking calls from other customers.

We’ll requeue a maximum of 3 times after which we won’t continue to try and will ask you to try again later, or depending on the urgency of the issue to raise it on Case Management.

We do have peak times where we operate lower staff numbers, primarily daily between 11:45 & 14:15, you may wish to consider this.

Contacting Support

The Sage 200 support team primarily provide second line support to our network of Sage Business Partners; for the Sage 200 Suite of products, Sage CRM and Sage 50 Manufacturing.

Recently we’ve identified that the quality of information being supplied via the phone and via incident manager has significantly reduced. Details on our expectations regarding what we require are available within the Business Partner Handbook

This is leading to the support team spending time responding asking for the information needed to progress the incident, this time should be allocated to working through incidents where the appropriate level of information has been provided.

We’ll be adding root cause call comments to all incidents where insufficient information and troubleshooting has been performed. We’ll be linking in with Business Partners Support Managers where the level is above an acceptable level and ask that an action plan is put in place to significantly reduce the quantity of these cases.

Incident Response Times

The team have worked hard during the last 12 months to increase the speed of response, and will be a continued focus moving forward. To that end, we’d ask that you respond to our requests for information as quickly as you can.

If we’ve placed a ticket on more information or solution given status, the technicians and the system will send you updates and prompts based on the severity and service level. If we haven’t heard from you in 14 days we’ll close the ticket. If you need to re-open the ticket after this date, the team will create a new incident and link the two for reference.

Kind regards

Sage Support