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Transfer of Partner Support Services for Sage CRM

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From the 1 July 2017, all CRM support for our Business Partners will transfer to our Indirect Technical Support Team who currently support Sage 200 CRM.


This communication was sent on 19th June 2017.


As part of this transfer we’ve updated our telephone systems to provide you with a better experience.

  • If you're in the UK, please call 0845 111 77 33, we’ve moved the menu option from the Enterprise Support area and relocated it within the 'all other software' section. 
    To ensure that your call is routed correctly we ask that you listen to the menu option.
  • If you're in Ireland, please call 1890 946 942, your menu options haven’t changed but your call will automatically be re-routed to the correct team.

Opening hours will be Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

Our support team are here to provide a second level of support to our Business Partners, and full details are available in our Business Partner Handbook.

We operate an incident management process, so regardless of your contact method you need to supply a business impact in order for an appropriate severity to be set. Our severities and associated service levels are also outlined in the Business Partner Handbook.

For severity 1 or 2 incidents, you need to call the support team in the first instance to undertake live troubleshooting. For severity 3, 4 and 5 you've a choice to either raise via Case Management or to call the team.

We'd ask that you use the incident management portal to track cases, provide updates and check current progress rather than calling the team.

If you do have a case that needs escalating, full details can be found in the Business Partner Handbook.

Any cases you raise with our Winnersh support team prior to 19 June 2017, will continue to be investigated by them until the case is concluded. For cases after that date we’ll reassign these on 3 July 2017 to our Indirect Technical Support team.

A reminder that our CRM software support is governed by our Sage Product Support Policy. This means we provide support on the current and previous version of CRM only. We’ve created an article that outlines this in further detail, you can access it via our Help Centre.        

Kind regards

Sage Support

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