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Sage 200 Duty to report on Payment Practises & Performance

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The communication was sent 29th January 2018.


The UK government has announced mandatory late payment reporting, which comes into effect in April 2018.

Further information can be found on the government website, click here for details.

There are a limited number of Sage 200 customers who meet the government's threshold and are therefore eligible for reporting on late payments.

In addition there are a number of requirements that a company needs to comply with which are outside the scope of a finance package; for example contractual agreements with a supplier.

Given the low number of Sage 200 customers impacted and the fact that only a subset of requirements could be met by enhancements to Sage 200, the decision has been taken to focus on other features that would provide a greater benefit to a larger number of our users.

We will therefore not be making any changes to Sage 200 for the late payment initiative. We will, however, monitor the situation closely and review should circumstances change.

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