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Sage 200 Extra Online Notification of Charges

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This communication was sent on 2nd February 2018.


Notification of Partner Charges 

We recently communicated to you about our updated partner terms and your software entitlement.

For Sage 200 Extra Online, the entitlement is detailed in here.

We recognise that having a test site is a valuable tool for our partners. However, we need to ensure that the resource is available to all, maintained correctly and is used fairly.

By 28th February 2018, we're asking each partner to review their Sage 200 Extra Online test site, doing one or more of the following;

  • Check your Online site Partner Administrator has a valid business email address, no Yopmail or mailinator accounts can be used
  • Review the users who have access to the site, updating as required
  • Review the test database size and reduce to under 1gb in size
  • If you have issues with faulted sites that you need assistance in removing, get in touch with our support team

On 1st March 2018, the following will happen;

  • Any test sites not accessed within 90 days will be suspended, no further contact within 30 days will result in the sites being permanently deleted
  • Any sites with a Yopmail or mailinator as the admin will be suspended
  • Any sites over 1gb in size will incur a £10 monthly charge for every gb over the 1gb free entitlement
  • Customer Services will review all online sites remaining and review against our accreditation records. Any sites where the partner doesn't currently hold accreditation for ERP Online Services part 1 & 2 will be contacted, site access will be suspended until accreditation is reinstated

As sites are changing on a regular basis, it's not practical to issue communications for each site. As per our terms and conditions, the responsibility for reviewing sites, be that test or customer, lies with you.

Notification of Customer Charges

Sage 200 Extra Online includes a 1gb entitlement for customers, additional 1gb increments can be purchased at £10 / gb per month.

We have a number of customer sites where their data usage is above what is being paid for. It is essential that you regularly check your customer sites, increasing the use where required.

With effect from February 2018 our Customer Service teams will be automatically increasing the charges on customer's sites above their usage. This will be done in the 7 days leading up to our monthly bill generation, which is the 1st of every month.

Please note: No credits will be issued for these increases, however, if you decrease the customer's database storage requirement, then you are welcome to lower the billing from the next month.

Our Sage 200 terms and conditions outline this in more detail.

Kind regards

Sage Support