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Business Partner Handbook / Incident Manager Communication

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This communication was sent on 23rd February 2018.


Business Partner Handbook

We’re delighted to announce that our new Business Partner handbook is now available.

We’d ask that all staff who interact with our support teams to take time to review this document. All updates in this handbook will come into effect immediately.

The team here to provide second line support and the handbook will provide clarity on the approach. Any calls we receive where the answer is available via our extensive digital material, or insufficient troubleshooting has been attempted, will be recorded as a waste call.

We’ll regularly run reports to identify those where waste calls are above an acceptable level. In these cases, we will ask for a 60 day improvement plan to be put in place to rectify the situation. If no improvement is seen then a charge may be imposed for support.

Your business needs to ensure that your support desks are manned to support your customers. We are unable to provide support to untrained individuals.

Incident Manager Improvements

Thanks to all business partners who use our online incident management system to raise and track progress with incidents.

We’ve listened to your feedback, from today the following new features are available to you;

  • Ticket notification - Every time your ticket is updated on our system you will receive an update
  • Modify Date - The date your incident was last modified is now available
  • Column sort – all fields on the Incident Manager can now be sorted as required
  • Customer Lists – sorted alphabetically, rather than by account number
  • Contact Lists - sorted alphabetically

Incident Manager is best viewed in Google Chrome and each individual will need a MySage login - our comprehensive guide will give you all the details. We've created a guide on how to use Incident Manager.

If you have other features you’d like us to consider, please email [email protected].

How we communicate with you is changing

With the introduction of the new incident management functionality, you can view, update & search your incidents 24/7. Effective from 1st March 2018 we will no longer be accepting the following via email:

  • Updates to incidents (other than screen shots required on a support call)
  • New severity 3, 4 or 5 incidents
  • Severity 1 or 2 incidents should be initially reported by phone. You can update Severity 1 or 2 incidents via Incident Manager after the initial troubleshooting has been performed

As usual, subject to our support boundaries, you are welcome to contact the support line to undertake live troubleshooting.

If you need an update on an incident, you should check Incident Manager prior to calling.

Note: Severity 2 incidents will be accepted for version 2011 up to 30th April 2018.

Digital Revolution

Have you visited the Help Centre lately?

Here at Sage we’re committed to improving the support available to you online. As part of this, we’ve recently revamped the Sage 200 Standard and Professional areas of the Help Centre. These areas now include:

  • Easy access to our Ask Sage knowledge base so you can search for quick answers to your questions.
  • What’s trending – See what people are asking us right now.
  • Quick access to the community where you can get advice and support from Sage Experts and other businesses.
  • Support guides where you can get detailed help about features in your software.
  • Access to the Sage 200 Ideas Hub where you can submit an idea and also vote for your favourites.

Improving Ask Sage

Ask Sage is a great place to get quick answers to your questions without having to wait to speak to a member of our support team and we’re always adding new articles to the knowledge base.

Every time you contact our support team, we search Ask Sage to see if there’s an article available, even if we already know the answer, and if there isn’t, we create the article there and then.

We’ve recently just added hundreds of new articles by doing this so the next time you have a question, or just want to find out a bit more about a feature in your software, why don’t you check Ask Sage first? 

To do this, just visit the Help Centre, pick your software, and then search!

Visit the Help Centre now >

Known Issues Database - Hints and Tips for use

We often get questions from partners, wanting to know if something is a known issue. Our Known issues Database is your first port of call, we’ve pulled together a quick guide here.

If you identify your customer is experiencing a known issue in Sage 200 which is still outstanding in the latest release, please notify us by raising a ticket through Incident Manager.

If the issue is having a more profound effect on your customer than the severity suggests then please include a tangible Business Impact analysis.

Kind regards

Sage Support