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Sage 200 Services - Excel Reporting

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Excel Reporting for all variants of Sage 200 2015 and above allows users to quickly extract data to Excel where they can filter, format, pivot, and run deeper analysis whist retaining the familiar layouts of Sage 200 reports.


Sage 200 Excel Reporting includes 52 reports which will be visible in your Sage 200 application, depending on the version and variant you use.

For those reports listed below which are not visible within your program, you will need to download and install them.

Financial reports can be found via this download.

Stock reports can be found via this download.


Once the above packs have been downloaded they will need to be installed. Information on how to do this can be found on our help guide.

In order to run the financial reports you must setup the nominal categories.

The data shown in all the above workbooks is intended as an example only and should not be considered as an exact replica of the report you will see when running in Sage 200.

For more information on how to use Excel reports please click here.


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