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Change the email address reports and layouts are sent from

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This guide shows you how to change the email address your Sage 50cloud Accounts documents are sent from.


If you change your email address or the task of emailing reports and layouts is taken on by someone else, you may need to change the email address that your reports and layouts are sent from. Let's take a look at how to do this.


To choose the email address your software send email documents from, follow the steps below for your required email setup.

Microsoft Outlook

Sage 50cloud Accounts sends reports and layouts from the default Outlook profile on your computer.

For help changing your default Outlook profile, you can follow the steps on Microsoft's help guide.

 If you experience any problems emailing your documents after making this change, you can use our troubleshooting guide.


If you use SMTP settings to connect to webmail, for example Gmail or Yahoo, you can specify the email address by editing your SMTP settings.


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