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Sage 200 - Sales and Purchase Orders that have hash (##) references

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You may encounter a situation where, a Sales or Purchase Order, is saved but doesn't have a valid order number and, instead, contains a 'hash' ( ### ) reference instead. In these circumstances, the order has not saved successfully, and can not be processed any further.


Initially clear any disconnected logins and see if the allocated stock is now available. 

If not you will need to locate the order using workspaces

  1. In the Sage 200 program go to Workspaces – Sales/Purchase Order Processing – Sales/Purchase Document Status.
  2. Enter a # into the Document No column. Order(s) should appear in the top half of the screen, the items on the order will appear in the bottom half.
  3. Click the tick box next to the order, then click Actions – Sales/Purchase Orders – Amend Order Status.
  4. The amend order status window should appear with the ### order. Click Cancel Order. Then click OK on the next screen to unallocate and cancel the order.

NOTE: If you are experiencing this issue with Sage 200 Standard Online / Education, please contact Technical Support team for help with resolving this issue.  

If this method doesn't resolve the issue, you will need to take a backup of the Sage 200 database.

  1. Then in SQL Server Management Studio, you need to open the SOPOrderReturn or POPOrderReturn table.
  2. Locate the ### order(s) in the DocumentNo column and amend it to a valid order number.
  3. In Sage 200 got to SOP/POP and Amend Order Status. Enter the order number used in Step 2 and Cancel Order.
  4. Once this order is cancelled, you can then recreate it as a new sale or purchase order as required.

TIP: We recommend that you change the hash reference to an order number that is far out of range/scope of your current sequence of order numbers.


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