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Tips for searching the Known Issues database

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There are a few ways to search for known issues and this guide will cover each in a little more detail.


To access the Known Issues database, use the following address:

NOTE: If you see the following message, Error Cannot Display Value, you may need to refresh the page by logging out and back into the site. A new search will then be needed.



Issue Details Search

Apply a search as below:

NOTE: Ensuring that when you search for issues you do not just search on the issues Title as the wording you are looking for may sit within the Details of the issue itself rather than the Title.

Ensure that you start the search with all modules, then narrow to the specific area if required.

NOTE: Other Areas has a lot of sub categories so if you cannot find what you are looking for in the module itself try this SearchType.

Title Search

Apply a search as below:

For Search Criteria it's advisable to keep this short, try searching multiple times with variations of what you are looking to find rather than one long search.

An example of how to search on an error message:

Example error:


UpdateExecute, Error:

System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: An internal

error occurred."

Using this example, is is best to find a salient point or a keyword to search on such as CryptographicException. This will help with finding the issue as it will only return a few results.

If this does not return what you are looking for, or there are too many results, then look to narrow down to a particular module. First start with the area the issue is in for example Nominal Ledger and then narrow down the search further to a specific sub category NL Transaction Enquiry.

Useful tips

TIP: There are other SearchType which can be used if required, for example Issue Number if you already know what you are looking for, Fixed In if you know the problem was resolved in a specific version or service pack and finally Module if you want to look to a specific area of the program.

TIP: If you just want to see all issues in a particular module / particular area within a module you can leave the search type as All then select the specific module / area you are looking for. When Display Issues is clicked all the issues in that area of the program will display.
Once you have a list of results if there are a lot to look through you can use Ctrl + F and specific one keyword which might help find the issue you are looking for a little quicker. This can also be useful if you cannot find a particular area within a module for your search criteria. Expand the module out (or expand all modules) then use Ctrl + F to help find what you are looking for.


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