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When loading Sage 200 an unexpected exception time out error is received

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When loading Sage 200 an unexpected exception time out error is received, steps on how to correct.


Unexpected exception occurred

'the HTTP request https:\\servername\Sage200SecuredServices\LicensingClientService.svc has exceeded the allotted time-out. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer time-out'


'The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after [number of minutes]. Increase the timeout value passed to the call or increase the sendtimeout value on the binding'


Previous incidents suggest the following troubleshooting should assist in rectifying this issue:

• Clear the Windows and user temp folders.

• Check the ports in SQL Server Config manager are set to static.

• Check that HTTP activation is set up correctly.

• Check that the Application Pools are running - if they are showing as stopped, then start them and see if any errors occur. If they do - rectify these. A common issue is that a password has changed for one of the user accounts the Application Pool is running under and needs to be updated.

• Check for errors in the service logs, if any, rectify them.

• After all changes, reboot the server and retry.

If any errors are found in the logs or the application pools that need more assistance with, contact Technical Support.