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Update an invoice or credit to the ledger

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This guide explains how to complete an invoice and post it to your ledgers in Sage 50cloud Accounts.


Once you've created an invoice or credit note in your software, you should post it to your ledgers.

Posting to the ledger posts a Sales Invoice (SI) or Sales Credit (SC) for each item line on your invoice.  It also adjusts the stock levels for the required products.


How to update an invoice or credit to the ledger

  1. Click Invoices and credits and click the required invoice.
    TIP: To control how you select multiple records, you can choose your preferred selection method in ToolsOptions.
  2. Click Update ledgers then click OK.


    A report appears showing the transactions updated to the nominal ledger, to close click   or click Close.

Next steps

  • If you've posted an invoice in error, you can find out how to corect this by checking our help guide.  Find out more >

  • If the update ledgers button isn't appearing, check that is is not hidden by right clicking on the toolbar, and see whether Update ledgers is unticked. If Update ledgers option still does not show, this will be down to your user access rights that an administrator or the MANAGER log on can amend - Read more >

  More support and information is available 

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