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Add a new user in Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager

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This guide explains how to add a new user in Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager.


To save time, using Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager you only need to login once. You can then switch between your companies with ease. Before anyone can access the companies, you need to set up and manage their access rights. When you're logged in as an administrator on Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager, you can also edit and delete existing users.


  1. Open Sage 50cloud Payroll Bureau Manager then click the Permissions tab.
  2. Click Add then in the User Details tab enter the following information:
    • Username - enter the username you want to use.
    • Password - your password must meet the criteria stated.
    • Confirm - enter your password again.
    • Security question - enter a security question to use if you ever forget your password.
    • Security answer - enter the answer to the security question.
    • Administrator - select this check-box if you want the user to be an administrator.
  3. To assign the required access level for a company to the user, in the Access Template column, select the required access level for the user:
    • None - The user can't access this company. This means the company won't appear on their company list.
    • Full Access - The user has full processing access to the company.
    • Reporting - The user can access the data for reporting purposes but can't process in the data.
  4. Click Save.

To set the access level for an existing users. Read more >

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