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Business Intelligence, What happens when a Business Intelligence report is ran

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What happens in the background when I run a Business Intelligence report in Sage 200 Professional?


Below are a list of processes that happen when you run a report through Business Intelligence

  • A check is made for the file "BIEnableDisable.exe" in the folder where Sage200Desktop.exe is located. If this cannot be found then the report is not launched.
  • A licence check is made, if the licence has expired then the report is not launched.
  • A check is then made to determine whether or not the spreadsheet exists and is already open, if it is open or does not exist then the report is not launched.

Once this is completed the following happens

The launcher then creates a folder to hold the BI connection information if one does not exist. It first attempts to find the key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IntelligentApps\Excel Edition\4.0\. From this key it obtains the folder location, i.e. “C:\Users\joe.smith\AppData\Roaming\Sage\Sage 200 BI\Connections”.

The launcher then creates connection files for the reports it has knowledge of using the database connection information.

The Report is then displayed