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Employer details

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You can enter the details and settings specific to your company, all in one area.


 For example, record your company address details, bank and HMRC details and specify whether you're eligible for small employer's relief and employment allowance.

To access these options, click Employer, then click Maintain employer details.


Employer details

Enter your company name, address and PAYE reference. You can also set the required date for the start of your company holiday year, for example, 1 January.


Enter your bank details, including account type, name and number.

You can also use e-Banking feature so you can easily pay your employees, using your payroll data. This means you can make payments directly to your employee's bank accounts from your computer. Find out more >


If your company has departments, you can set up and assign employees to the relevant department within Sage Instant Payroll. You can set up a maximum of 5 departments.

Simply enter the required names in the boxes provided. If you make any changes, click Save details.

HMRC details

Select the accounts office you make your payments to. Your accounts office is allocated by your local tax office, and if you're unsure which accounts office you should use, contact HMRC.

Enter your accounts office reference. This is a unique number assigned to your business which you use when making payments to HMRC. It's different to the tax district reference which indicates your local tax district and tax office.

If your company is eligible, you can also set up to claim:

Other references

  • CSA/CMEC Employer Ref - If you receive a deduction of earnings order (DEO) from the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission (CMEC), enter your employer reference number here. You can find this on the DEO. This also covers orders issued by the CSA.
  • Self Assessment Unique Tax Reference - If you're a sole proprietor or a partnership, you may have a self assessment reference. Enter your 10-digit reference here. This is included in your FPS submissions to HMRC.
  • Corporation Tax Reference - If you're a limited company you may have a corporation tax reference. Enter your 10-digit reference here. You may also know this as your company unique taxpayer reference.If you have more than one reference, enter the reference for the company that holds the employment contracts. This is included in your FPS submissions to HMRC.

If you make any changes, click Save details.

HMRC Payments

The table in the HMRC Payments tab shows the amount you owe to HMRC for each tax month, including a breakdown of your employer NI liability and the employment allowance you've claimed each month.

To populate the table, you can:

  • Run the P32 each month and select the Update the Payments of Tax/NICs table check box.
  • Use the Pay Revenue & Customs option to create your payment to HMRC.
  • Enter the monthly values manually.

If you make payments to HMRC using the Pay Revenue & Customs option, when running the P32 do not select the Update the Payments of Tax/NICs check box as this may duplicate the figures in the table.

If you make any changes, click Save details.


Benefits for your employees
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