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Can I post into the new financial year before I run my year end?

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This guide shows you how to post transactions into your new financial year before running the Year End option in Sage 50cloud Accounts.


We understand you're unlikely to be ready to run your year end straight away. That's why in Sage 50cloud Accounts you can post into your new financial year before you run the Year End option.

This means you can keep up to date with things like current invoices, bank reconciliation and even month ends in your new year, while you finalise your year end accounts. Let's take a look at how it works.


Posting in the new year

When you post a transaction into your new year, a message advises that the date is outside the current financial year. This is for information only and if you're happy you've entered the correct  transaction date, to post the transaction simply click OK or Yes.

If you prefer, you can pause this message to prevent it from appearing for every transaction you enter.

When you run your year end, the year end postings don't affect anything you've posted in your new financial year.

Reporting for the new year

If you want to run management reports such as the Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet for your new year before running the year end, you can do this using the transactional reports. Read more >


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