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Install Sage Corporation Tax v3.4.1

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This article explains how to download and install the latest version of Sage Corporation Tax. These instructions apply for an update to existing software and not a full program download. For assistance with a brand new installation, refer to the articles listed under 'Further help with installation'.


Important: This update must be installed if you want to submit information to HMRC from your software from 22/02/2022.

It's essential that you keep your software up to date by installing all available updates. This ensures that you can continue to access your data and benefit from the latest GDPR, compliance and security updates.

NOTE: Failure to update may cause future disruption to your service and support.


Check your version number

To check your version number, open Sage Corporation Tax and click Help, then click About.

Version and build number

Latest Build Number

Before you update

If you have a dedicated server, ensure everyone has logged off the server before you update. To reduce any work disruption, you may prefer to do this out of business hours as once you update the server, you should open and update the software on each workstation. 

We strongly recommend you back up the data from within the software before upgrading to the new version. Read more >

We recommend checking for and installing any Windows updates before installing Sage Corporation Tax.

Automatic update

The easiest way to install Sage Corporation Tax v3.4.1.13 is by automatic update. The software will automatically check for updates when you open the program and prompt you to update and install. 

NOTE: To ensure your software remains compliant with legislation, we recommend installing the update as soon as it is available to you.

Manually download the update

If required, the update is also available to download and install manually here >

Additionally, you can login to the website to download the new version. Read more >

Further help with installation

Install Sage Corporation Tax on a network click here >

Install Sage Corporation Tax on a terminal server click here >

Install Sage Corporation Tax on a single computer click here >