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Apply a tax code change notice from the HMRC mailbox

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If HMRC send you a notice to change an employee's tax code, you can retrieve the notice from the HMRC mailbox within Sage Instant Payroll and apply it directly to the employee. This article explains how to do this.


NOTE: When you apply the notice, the changes take effect straight away. If the effective from date is a future date, wait until you get to the pay period that includes the date to apply the notice.

  1. Click the RTI Submissions navigation bar then click HMRC Secure Mailbox.
  2. Click New Mail then double-click HMRC Mailbox.
  3. Click P6/P6B or P9 depending on what type of notice HMRC have sent.
  4. To view the details, click the notice then click Open.
  5. Click Apply, then click Yes then Close.

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