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Error 3320: The period does not coincide with the referenced from and to dates of the computation taxonomy

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When you submit a CT600 return online, you may receive the error 3320.



Error 3320: The period to which this return relates does not coincide with the referenced from to dates of the computation taxonomy.

Location: Computation.


This error is caused by using a taxonomy (list of HMRC tags) that doesn't cater for the period that you're submitting.

For example, if you are using Sage Corporation Tax 2.3 and trying to submit a return with an end date after 31st March 2019 you will receive this error as this version doesn't contain the new taxonomy for post March 2019 year ends.

Sage Corporation Tax v2.5

Updating to Sage Corporation Tax v2.5 will allow you to submit post March 2019 returns and also includes the updated Annual Investment Allowance limit of £1,000,000 as well as report and tagging improvements.

This update is released to customers in several batches via auto-update and the software will check for updates when you launch it. If you've not been prompted to update yet, you will be in the coming days. The software will silently download in the background. Once complete, you'll be prompted to open the software on the server which will start the update process.

If you'd rather download straight away, please see here for download details and more information on Sage Corporation Tax v2.5

You must re-tag your computation after updating, otherwise the tagged computation will still retain the old taxonomy.



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