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Using Bank feeds

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This guide explains how to use Bank feeds in Sage 50cloud Accounts.


Once you've set up Bank feeds, it's easy to download your live bank transactions and match them in your accounts in just a few clicks. Let's take a look.


Download from your bank

You can download transactions as often as every 15 minutes. 

  1. Go to Bank accounts, then select the required bank account and click Bank feeds.
  2. Click Download transactions, click OK then click OK.

Your transactions are now downloaded. 


TIP: To hide any downloaded transactions that you don't need, for example if you've reconciled them previously, simply select the bank transactions then click Ignore. 

Match transactions

Once you download your bank transactions, the next step is to match each one against the relevant transaction in the Transactions in Sage pane.


Match automatically 

The Auto match feature matches transactions which have the same amount, the same transaction type and dates within four days of each other.

  • To match automatically, click Auto match.

Match manually

For any transactions that don't automatically match, you can match them manually. 

  1. In Transactions from your bank, select the relevant transaction.
  2. In Transactions in Sage, select the transaction you wish to match, then click Match.

    TIP: To filter the transactions in Sage, you can add a date range at the top right.

The matched transactions now appear in the two panes at the bottom of the window.


TIP: You can unmatch transactions if required by selecting the transaction and clicking Unmatch. 

Create new transactions

If a downloaded transaction is not yet posted in your accounts, you can create it.

  1. In Transactions from your bank, select the transaction you want to add.
  2. Click Create, select the transaction type and click OK.


  3. Enter the transaction details, then click Save.

As long as your transaction matches, it moves down to the Matched transactions pane. 

Confirming your matches

The final step is to confirm your matches. This removes them from the bank feed and flags the transactions as matched in the Bank Reconciliation.

  • To confirm matches and continue to your bank reconciliation, click Confirm and continue to reconcile.
  • If you don't want to do a bank reconciliation yet, to confirm matches and close Bank Feeds, click Confirm matches.

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