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Sage Online Services - Security statement

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We want to give you the confidence that your business information is secure. We have a series of policies and practices in place so that we can make sure your data and your employees' information held in Sage Payroll Online Services is safe and secure.


Sage Payroll Online Services currently includes Online Payslips, P60s and Documents, Online Timesheets and Sage HR.

How we protect you

At Sage we have strict policies and control frameworks in place to ensure your data is secure and that you have continuity of service.

Policies and control frameworks

Sage Online Services is hosted in a highly secure environment managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in their data centres. We've assessed the measures in place on AWS and we're satisfied they meet the requirements of our own policies and control frameworks. AWS also holds ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 certifications, which cover the data centres and services used by Sage Online Services. So you can be confident your data and your employees' information is both safe and secure.


EU data protection

We've specified that your Sage Online Services data is held in EU based AWS data centres. In the unlikely event that your data is transferred to the USA, AWS has obtained approval from EU data protection authorities, known as the Article 29 Working Party, that their Standard Contractual Clauses enable a data controller to transfer personal data in a compliant way to a data centre outside the EU, including USA. We've entered into these Standard Contractual Clauses with AWS as data processor for the Sage Online Services. This means that your data will remain secure both during and after the transfer.


Benefits for your employees above and beyond their payslips

We want to help your business where we can. That's why we are offering Sage Employee Benefits free to Sage customers for the first three months.

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