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Why is my first subscription invoice more than expected?

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This article explains the reason why your first invoice from Sage may be more than your monthly subscription.


You may find that your first subscription invoice from Sage may be more than your expected monthly subscription rate.

Don't worry, this can happen on your first invoice, but any subsequent invoices will be for your monthly subscription rate you're expecting.

Why is my first subscription invoice more?

This is because if your subscription starts mid-month, your first invoice includes the charge for the first full month, plus the previous partial month from when you started your subscription.

EXAMPLE: Your purchase date is 20 April. Your first invoice of 1 May includes the monthly subscription cost for May plus the pro-rata cost for 20 April to 30 April. This amount is taken on 16 May. Your invoice on 1 June, and all subsequent invoices are for the normal monthly subscription cost.


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