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How do I process opt-in/join requests in the Pensions Module?

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This guide explains how to process an opt-in request in Sage 50 Payroll.


An opt-in request can be submitted when an employee isn't eligible to be automatically enrolled, but would still like to join the pension scheme.

It's really easy to opt an employee into your pension scheme, just follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you need to process an opt-out/leave request, you can follow the steps in our How do I process opt-out requests guide >. 


Watch the video

Follow the steps

Once you receive a valid opt-in request, you can enter it into the Sage 50 Payroll Pensions Module.

  1. Click Payroll, then click Pension Assessment.
  2. Take a backup when prompted, then select the employee you want to opt in using the checkboxes on the left.
  3. Click Opt-in/join then in Request received enter the date you received the opt-in notice.
  4. If you'd like to attach the opt-in notice, click the paperclip then browse to the employee's opt-in file then click Open.
  5. Select the scheme from the list. For non-eligible jobholders, only qualifying schemes appear on the list. For entitled workers, all of your pension schemes appear.
  6. Click Opt in then click OK.

That's all done, you've processed the request.

When do contributions begin?

When you process an opt-in request your employee's enrolment date is set as the first day of the tax period after the one you're processing. This means that your employee's contributions begin in the tax period after the opt-in is processed. 

For example, you process a monthly payroll on 20 July with a process date of 25 July and you process an opt-in request. Your employees' enrolment date is set as 6 August, as this is the first day of the next tax period. The employee's first contributions calculate in their 25 August payroll.