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Find your Sage serial number, activation key and account number

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This guide explains how to find your Sage serial number, activation key and account number in your My Sage account.


You need your serial number, activation key and sometimes your account number to register your software or activate additional modules. Don't worry, if you don't have these details to hand you can easily find them online in your My Sage account.


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Obtain your details

  1. Visit and click Sign in.

    NOTE: If you don't have a My Sage login, before you can access your details you must create one.

  2. Enter your Sage account Email and Password then click Log in.
    If you're linked to more than one account, click Select on the relevant company.

  3. Click My account, then click Product and services.
    This shows your registered products and services, including serial numbers and cover type.

  4. Click the serial number for the relevant product or package.
    This displays the activation key, as well as any relevant licence details. For example, number of users, employees and companies.

  5. Make a note of your Serial number, Activation key and Account number.


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