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How to enable bi-directional synchronisation in Sales, Marketing and Service for Sage 200

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Internal only: *** Do not amend this article via KCS ***

The Sales, Marketing and Service module for Sage 200 (formerly known as CRM) is able to update information real-time in Sage 200 when the relevant fields are updated in Sales, Marketing and Service. If you have not yet set up the connection between Sage 200  and Sales, Marketing and Service, please refer to Ask Sage article .

With Sage 200 Extra 2016 and Sage 200c Professional, it also possible to update information the other way around, that is, you can update information in real-time in Sales, Marketing and Service when details are changed on a record in Sage 200 - for example, the company name on a sales ledger record.

Note: We strongly recommend you set up the connection between Sage 200 and the Sales, Marketing and Service module before carrying out the steps below if you have not already done so. This functionality is only available with Sage 200 Extra 2016 or Sage 200c Professional.


Configure the default website for the Enbu gateway

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Select Sites in the left-hand panel.
  3. Right-click Default Web Site > Bindings...
  4. Select the Add... button.
  5. Change the Type: to https and enter a port number.

    Note: This port number must not be in use by any other application. Please refer to the relevant IS support team for further advice if necessary.

  6. In the drop-down list for SSL Certificate, select Sage 200 Services SSL Certificate_wixCert_1.
  7. Select OK > Close.

Set integration settings within Sage 200

  1. Within Sage 200, select Accounting System Manager > Settings > CRM Integration Settings.
  2. Select Connected from the CRM configuration drop-down list.
  3. Enter the URL to the CRM Connector. This must contain a secure prefix, the name of the Sage 200 server and the port number specified earlier for the default website above, e.g. https://Sage200server:port/enbugateway/service1.asmx.
  4. Select the box for 'Check CRM when deleting a contact' if required.

    This prevents contacts being deleted in Sage 200 when the contact has outstanding notes, communications or cases in Sales, Marketing and Service. When deleting a contact from a customer or supplier account in Sage 200 and the data is synchronised, the corresponding person record is also deleted in Sales, Marketing and Service, including the links to the outstanding cases, opportunities and notes. To prevent this, select the box. When selected, if a contact is deleted in Sage 200, the corresponding person record in Sage 200 CRM is checked for:

    • Communications with a status of Pending.
    • Opportunities that are In Progress.
    • Cases that are In Progress.
    Once selected, you cannot delete the contact record in Sage 200 if the person record in Sales, Marketing and Service has any of these items against their record.
  5. Select OK.