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TASBooks - Skeleton orders and text blocks

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When you create sales orders in your TASBooks, you may notice that some customers often order the same products.


You can create skeleton orders to make the process quicker and more efficient. For example, if a customer regularly order three or four products together, by setting up a skeleton order, you won't need to key in these product details each time.

You can also enter blocks of text that you can use regularly in invoices, for example, for standard clauses, payment terms and conditions etc. By setting up these regularly used text blocks, you can quickly add up to ten lines of text at one time.


Create or edit a skeleton order
    1. Click Sales Orders, then click Utilities, then click Maintain Skeleton Orders.
    2. Enter a new code for this skeleton, or press F2 and select an existing skeleton.
    3. Enter a description for the skeleton.
    4. On the next available line, complete the following information:

      Product Code Press F2 to select the product from the lookup list.
      Description If required enter a description.
      Quantity Enter the quantity.
      Disc% Enter the discount percentage, if applicable.
    5. Repeat step 4 until all of the required products have been added.
    6. Click Save, then click Cancel..

To recall the skeleton when you next enter a sales order, enter # in the product code area. Then press F2 and select the required skeleton from the lookup list.

Add a text block
  1. Click Stock, then click Product and Services, then click Enter / Change Free Format Text Blocks.
  2. Enter the code you want to use to recall this text block.

    Alternatively, to edit an existing text block press F2 and select it from the lookup list.

  3. Enter a description for this text block.

    This will help you to identify it when selecting the text to apply to your sales orders, invoices etc. For example, payment terms.

  4. Enter the text lines required.
  5. Click Save, then click Yes.
  6. Click Cancel.

To recall a text block when you next enter a sales order, enter ! in the product code area. Then press F2 and select the required text block from the lookup list.