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TASBooks - Credit Control Manager

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The Credit Control Manager in TASBooks is used to deal with your day to day credit control tasks. You can use it to contact customers, log comments and add queries, saving you time.


Access the Credit Control Manager
    1. Click Sales, then click Enter / Change Journals, then click Credit Control Manager.

      The Credit Control Manager appears, displaying a list of all customers who have an amount outstanding on their account.

    2. To view the total balances for a customer, select them on the main list.

The main Credit Control Manager window displays the following information:

Amt O/S The amount outstanding on your customers' accounts.
Amt O/D The amount outstanding outside of your customers' credit terms.
Oldest Inv The date of the oldest outstanding invoice.
Av Pmt Days How long, on average, each customer takes to pay you.
Risk This indicates how long existing invoices have been outstanding, compared to the customer's average payment days.

You can set up your own thresholds for the risk indicator by clicking Settings, then click Set Risk Threshold.


Stop after The number of days outstanding after which you place a stop on the customers' account.
Stop date The date the customer account is stopped.
Follow-up The date you need to follow up the customer's account. You can set the follow-up flag when entering transaction notes or call history.
Totals The grand total outstanding for all customers, and the % of your debts that are overdue. If you select individual customers, you'll see the outstanding amounts for your selection shown at the bottom of the window.

Using the Credit Control Manager you can see all outstanding transactions on the customer's account, drill down to see the details of each transaction, record transaction notes and record disputed items.

Double click a customer record from the Credit Control Manager, then click the Transactions tab. The Customer Account Details window displays the following information:

Customer contact details Shows the company details, and the accounts contact. To change the contact details, click the Contact hyperlink.
Oldest invoice Shows the date of the oldest outstanding invoice.
Last sale Shows the date the customer last made a purchase.
Last receipt Shows the date the customer last paid you.
O/S balance Shows the outstanding balance on the customer's account.
O/s orders Show any outstanding orders this customer is waiting for.
Charge interest If selected, you can charge interest on overdue items on this customer's account.
On Credit Stop To put this customer on a credit stop, select the check box .
Stop date The date this customer was put on a credit stop.
Account alerts Any alerts set on this customer's account, such as follow-up date or 'do not contact'.
Credit terms The credit terms which apply to this customer's account. To change the credit terms, click the hyperlink.
Call History

You can record each call or contact you make to customers about their outstanding transactions, and see a history of the contact you've made.

Double click a customer record from the Credit Control Manager, then click the Call History tab. A list of the calls and contacts made to this customer appear.

Correspondence tab

Using the Credit Control Manager, you can see a history of debt chasing correspondence sent to a customer, such as statements and overdue letters.

Double click a customer record from the Credit Control Manager, then click the Correspondance tab.

The following correspondence history appears:

      • Customer Statements
      • Customer Statements sent by the Credit Control Manager.
      • Overdue Letters.
      • Overdue Letters printed/sent via Credit Control Manager.
      • Copy invoices sent via Credit Control Manager.
The action pane

Within each tab in the Credit Control Manager, there is an action pane that allows you to choose one of the following options:

Add account alert Select this option to add an alert on the account, such as 'do not contact' or a follow-up date.
Record call/contact details Select this option to record a new call or contact to this customer about there account. If you select an existing item, this option will change to Edit/delete call/contact details, enabling you to change the existing entry.
Add note to transaction Use this option to edit or delete a note or edit a transaction.
Take payment Take a customer's card payment while you are speaking to them.
Dispute transaction Add a dispute to an outstanding item, which can be indicated on the customer's statement.
Print transaction enquiry Print a list of the a transactions on this customer's account, with any notes attached to them.
Print call history Choose this option to print a list of the calls/contacts you've made to this customer about their account.
Print correspondence history Choose this option to print the customer's correspondence history.
Send a letter Choose this option to print an overdue account letter to send to the customer.
Send a copy invoice Print or email a copy of the selected invoice or credit note.
Send a statement Select this option to send a copy statement to this customer, either by printing an posting their statement, or sending it by email.


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