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TASBooks - Check or enter nominal accounts

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The transactions you enter in TASBooks are assigned to nominal codes. These are records represent different types of income, expenditure, assets and liabilities for your business. You can create as many new codes as you need, and can edit existing records.


  1. Click Nominal, then click Nominal Account then click Maintain Chart of Accounts.
  2. Enter the new nominal account number you want to use.
    Alternatively, to edit an existing code, press F2 and select the relevant code.
  3. Enter a description for this nominal account.
  4. Complete the Maintain Chart of Accounts window as follows:

    Account Type Choose the account type.
    Dr or Cr Select whether the account will have a Debit or Credit balance.
    Nominal Group Enter a nominal account group for reporting purposes, or press F2 to select the an existing group..
    Analysis Category Choose an Analysis Category.
    Inactive Account If you want to flag this account as inactive, and prevent entries being posted to it, select this check box.
  5. If requried, click CIS and choose the appropriate tax liability.
  6. If required, click Budget and for each period, enter the required value.
  7. Click Save then click Yes.