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TASBooks - Setting up your new company

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Once you create a new company in TASBooks, you need to set it up and enter some basic company information.


Before you start

Before you begin to set up your company in TASBooks, check you have the following information to hand:

  • Your business status, for example, limited or partnership.
  • Your business type, such as service or retail.
  • Your financial year start date.
  • VAT information, such as whether your company is VAT registered, your VAT registration number and your VAT scheme.
  • Bank account information for at least one of your accounts.
  • If required, your HMRC login information.
Set up your new company
    1. Double-click the company you want to open.
    2. if required, enter your username and password, then click Login.
    3. Choose the term you want to use to describe the people who give you money, for example, Customer or Client, then click Next.
    4. Enter the required password information for youe supervisor account, then click Next.
    5. Choose your company status and type.
    6. Enter the year your company started trading, then click Next.
    7. Select one of the following options: 

      • If you want a monthly based financial year, select the starting month and year.
      • If you want the year split into 13 periods of 4 weeks, select this option and enter date you want to start from.
      • If you're based in the UK and your financial year runs in line with the tax year, select this option and choose the year you want to start from.
    8. Click Next.
    9. Depending on whether or not your company is registered for VAT, select one of the following options:

      • I am not VAT registered.
      • I am VAT registered. Then enter your VAT prefix, company registration number and choose your reporting period.
    10. Click Next.
    11. If required, select the type of VAT scheme you're registered for.
    12. If reverse charge VAT rules apply to your company, select this check box, then click Next.If required, edit or add futher bank accounts, then click Next.
    13. If required, enter your online login details for HMRC services.
    14. Enter your online contact information, then click Next.
    15. Click Finish, then click Close
    16. Login to your company using the password you created earlier.



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