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Unable to create submission backup file so the submission has not been sent

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This article describes how to resolve these two similar errors in Sage Corporation Tax


When attempting to submit your CT600 online one of the following error messages may be displayed:



Please see the bottom line of the error message for the full detail.


Access is denied

This indicates you do not have permissions on the folder indicated in the error message

Please check the permissions on the folder and ensure that full permissions are granted.

Cannot find the path specified
    1. Please check the full software version on the server and workstation.

This can be checked by opening the software then go to Help > About Sage Corporation Tax, Under product details see Product Version.

Please ensure that these are the same.

    1. Please check that the submission Folder exists in the location specified on the error message.

If the folder does not exist please Right Click in the location and create new folder, granting full permissions.

For further assistance please contact Support on 0191 479 5999.