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Can I run Sage Taxation over a VPN?

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Using Sage Taxation via a VPN (Virtual Private Network)


We are sometimes asked if it's possible to run Sage Taxation with remote clients connected via a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Whilst it may be possible to install the client side software over a VPN, we do not recommend using the software in this way. Issues such as VPN performance, server load and even how busy Internet traffic is can all adversely affect the performance required for an SQL connection

We find that customers report the software being slow to respond, or experiencing constant timeouts and other related issues.


If you're using a VPN, we will first ask you to connect via a local network connection in the office and see if the performance issues persist. If only VPN users are affected, the vast majority of times we find that this resolves the issue

In this instance you may wish to speak to your local IT support to see if they can offer any alternative remote working solutions such as a remote desktop client.

For these reasons, we do not recommend running Sage Taxation via a VPN and we'll only be able to perform limited troubleshooting.

Support Boundaries

We'll be able to with the following:

  • Sage Taxation installation on Terminal Server and other Microsoft Windows operating systems detailed in the System Requirements.
  • All Sage Taxation functionality (e.g.. How do I....?).

We can't assist with the following:

  • Sage Taxation speed or performance issues.
  • Set up and configuration of remote access and network environment including port forwarding and firewalls.
  • Hardware configuration and set up.
  • Set up, configuration and use of third party programs.
  • Remote access or wide area network connectivity.
  • Printing issues that are specific to a remote access or wide area network environment.
  • Creation and maintenance of operating system user accounts and associated permissions.  For example, issues that are not present when an administrator uses Sage Taxation are attributed to user permissions and should be resolved by a system specialist.
  • Issues that are not present when the software is run via a Local Area Network (LAN)