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How do I tag my computation?

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Before you can submit your computation and return to HMRC via the Online Filing process, you will need to Tag your computation. This will convert the relevant information into the correct XBRL format.


Sage Assisted Tagging will automatically tag the computation and schedules in line with HMRC minimum tagging requirements.The software may ask you to confirm some tags.

You should perform these steps on the machine from which you intend to File Online.

    1. From the Quick links select Tag Computation
    2. Read the confirmation window and select the appropriate option. Sage Assisted Tagging will now launch
    3. Work your way through the following wizard:
Option Description
Confirm Tags Any items tagged and highlighted in orange should be confirmed or removed. Alternatively you can choose to accept and continue to skip this step.
Pick Tags Items highlighted in orange have not yet been tagged.

Choose an appropriate tag from the list and confirm. Alternatively you can choose to skip this step.

Tag Document If you wish to manually tag items this can be completed here. This step is not usually necessary. Select Proceed to continue.
Finish The tagging has now been completed and will automatically save the .html file. You also have the option to save to an alternative location.

If you've made any changes to your computation since tagging, you will need to start the tagging process again. To do this select Tag Computation from the Quick links and choose Start again.