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Sage 200 - Test and Recovery Licence

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Rules to clarify the use of the Sage 200 Test and Recovery Licence.


This article clarifies the use of a Test and Recovery licence for Sage 200.

This applies to the following Sage 200 variants - Sage 200 Professional.

Any queries relating to Test and Recovery licences should be directed to;

  • If you are a customer, please contact your Business Partner.
  • If you are a Business Partner, please contact your Account Manager.


Test & Recovery Rules

Upgrades: All upgrades require a Test and Recovery licence. Support will not be provided to any customer site without one. This is a one-off purchase and covers all future upgrades and periods of testing.

Sage Partner copies should not be used for customer test or disaster purposes, this is outlined in our Sage 200 Partner Product terms. This was updated and communicated to partners on 11th January 2018.

NOTE: If we believe a partner is giving incorrect details to gain access to our service, we reserve the right to refuse support or request a dial in to confirm these details.

A Test and Recovery licence can also be used for disaster recovery purposes. A separate licence is not required.

New Installations: Customers will have an option to purchase during the initial sale, but this is not mandatory. Every partner must ensure that they have a full discussion with their customers about the benefits of this licence, setting the correct expectations that a licence will be required at point of first upgrade.

NOTE: All test copies of customer setups must be kept for a minimum of 60 days post go live.

Benefits of Test and Recovery Licence

A Test and Recovery licence allows the partner / customer to hold a copy of the Sage 200 customer setup. This will assist the partner support and consultancy teams in providing a higher level of service, testing scenarios away from live customer environments and remove the risk of issues, which may impact the customers daily business.

Some sites may wish to have a 'backup' server which contains an additional installation of Sage 200, which will hold a backup copy of the Sage 200 database so the data can be retrieved easily in the event of an unexpected problem with the main server.

A Test and Recovery licence is a variation to your existing licence and the terms in the agreement are in addition to those contained in your existing licence supplied with the Sage 200 software. The Test and Recovery licence allows you to:

  • Install one mirror copy of the software onto an alternative server (this includes virtual environments) for the purposes of replicating your live environment for disaster recovery purposes.


  • Install one mirror copy of the software onto an alternative server (this includes virtual environments) for the purposes of replicating your live environment for testing purposes only.

FAQ's: Business Partners can access a list of FAQ's here. (This document can be downloaded via your Sage login).

NOTE: There is no automated functionality provided with a Disaster Recovery licence that would assist with the movement of database data from the live server to the secondary server that will be used for disaster recovery purposes. This remains the responsibility of the Business Partner and / or the Database Administrator.


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