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HMRC submission error 3317: There appears to be an error in the Taxonomy reference

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You may receive error 3317 when submitting CT600s and iXBRL accounts.


Submitting CT600s and iXBRL accounts fails with error message:

3317: Location: AccountsIf you are trying to use one of the recognised UK Taxonomies (UK GAAP or UK IFRS) there appears to be an error in the Taxonomy reference - please contact your software supplier. If you are trying to use any other taxonomy it may be that it is not supported by HMRC's systems, please contact Online Services Helpdesk on 0191 479 5999.


This issue is typically found associated with the Accounts Ixbrl document.

There are two potential known common causes:

You may have accidentally attached the iXBRL computation instead of the iXBRL accounts. To check which has been attached:

  1. Click on Administration at the top of the screen and select Online Filing History.
  2. Locate the rejected item and double click it. Scroll down and click on the Accounts. When they open in your browser, check the text in the top left of the document. If it says "Computation" you have accidentally attached the computation.
  3. If this is the case, go to Online Filing and click Start again. You will now be able to resubmit the return and attach the correct accounts file.

The other common cause is that the iXBRL Accounts file was created in an older version of your accounting software that does not include the up to date taxonomy.

To resolve, update to the latest version of your accounts program (and master) and retag the accounts. Make sure to click Overwrite and Create New.

TIP: If you're manually tagging a Word document you need to make sure you choose the correct taxonomy.

This error has also been reported on clients submitted using UK GAAP instead of FRS102.

The latest versions are:

  • Sage Accounts Production - V18.3 Update 2
  • Sage Accounts Production Advanced - V2018 - Update 2


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